Our Services

Our writing services include a wide variety of specialties!

Our cross-functional team is made up of individuals from a variety of disciplines, all of them are specialists in their respective fields depending on the service you want.

HR Specialists
Will create your resume incorporating ATS keywords and desired job criteria, as well as a tailored cover letter and enhance your LinkedIn profile for maximum job search success!

Content Authors
Increase traffic to your website by using our professional writers' SEO keyword focused high quality content.

Professional Translators
Our translators will translate text with the utmost accuracy.

Website Copywriters
With innovative and intelligent copywriting, you can achieve your marketing objectives!

Our Services

Resume Writing in English

Let's help you get the perfect resume and the job you deserve

Did you know that most businesses use high-end software and tools to sort through the vast number of resumes received in response to job postings? From deciding on a certain length constraint to searching for specific keywords, it is critical that you create and arrange your resume in a manner that not only passes even the most difficult screening procedure but also attracts and captures the recruiter's attention. At PenPal, we provide professional CV writing services that include actionable keywords to help you persuade decision makers and get an interview.

Resume Writing in English
LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn offers a strong online platform for professionals across all fields to connect, interact and develop their careers.

We aim to assist you in creating a highly appealing and result-driven LinkedIn profile that not only promotes you as the ideal candidate in your profession but also boosts your chances of engaging with key industry players.

We take full use of all of the features, including the star rating system, by fully filling and rebuilding your complete profile, increasing your chances of engaging with both recruiters and managers.

Cover Letter in English

Get a persuasive and highly engaging cover letter for your next application

Want your next application to stand out from the sea of countless Resumes recruiters tend to face? Tired of using the same old recycled terms and buzzwords that everyone has become accustomed to? Let’s help you write a winning cover letter that gets your reader interested in learning more about you.

The role of a cover letter is simple, to get the reader’s attention and convince them to take a deeper look. By providing you with a short, sweet and perfectly written cover letter, we help achieve all 3 goals while impressing your reviewers with an outstanding Cover Letter.

Cover Letter in English

Website Copywriting

Market your website or business page with high quality landing pages, blog posts, and more!

Our experienced writers are experts in a wide range of content categories, including SEO-optimized content, website copywriting, and writing digital content for landing pages, product pages, blog posts, and everything in between. 

Content Writing

SEO optimized articles and blog posts for your website or social media

Our professionals will create helpful, captivating, and valuable content that targets certain keywords to  help boost your content's authority and relevance, as well as its rating in Google for the keywords you've chosen.

Content Translations

Articles, Websites, Blog posts, and other documents!

Our translation team will give written translations from Hebrew to English or from English to Hebrew.
Do you need to translate from another language to Hebrew? For further information, please contact our customer service team!